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About the Blog: The Purpose and Promise

My name is Priya, the founder and author of Fingers Crossed Blog. 

When I first set out to put this blog together, it felt a bit like a fool's errand: a journey to produce constant essay form content in a creative world that has sharply shifted away from the written word,  what could possibly go right?

But that's where the credo of Fingers Crossed comes in.

I wanted to be able to share well-researched and reliable information on a platform and page I own and operate. No algorithms, no gimmicks, just facts and fun and maybe some unpopular opinions. I’m someone who happily lives in the intersection of science and aesthetics as a doctor of pharmacy/content creator. But, I feel like a lot of my platforms don’t really facilitate longer formats to share more complicated information. And so Fingers Crossed Blog was born.

Built in with an atmosphere of everlasting hope, the purpose of Fingers Crossed is to deliver facts and opinions while always trying to find that silver lining, the rallying cry, the call to action. 


Will you join this journey?  

Fingers crossed, 

xx Priya


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